Edge computing

Smart System is collecting in real-time relevant data and simoultanously analysing and displaying them on the customizeddash-board.

Artificial Intelligence

CORRECTIC is simoultanously executing the process steps and provding reliable data for decsion process, while the system is countinously learning.

Moulding Machines

No matter which brand, size or age the equipment hast. CORRECTIC can easily bead apted on any IJM-machine.

Easy and fast connection
FREE-Testing period

Our qualified service engineers can install the CORRECTIC system easy and wihtin very short time without any disturbance to ongoing activities.


CORRECTIC is collecting all relevant data for its process by itself and preparing and displaying to the dash-board, without any connectionon interaction with existing IT-Systems.

Attractive Business Model

CORRECTIC has no CAPEX, as the client is only sharing the savings possible due to CORRECTIC application.

Enter the factory 4.0 universe thank to CORRECTICwhich is fitting the current needs of industry: 70% ot the industry general manager are currently thinking about the digitalization of their company.